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No problem doll! Visit our store (elitehairboutique.net) for our authentic virgin hair extensions and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @elitehairbtq. For inquiries and/or custom orders please email info@elitehairboutique.net

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Werk Porsha!


Porsha’s weave will always be my weave goals for life….




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What are your running prices on bundles?

Hi there!

Please CLICK HERE to refer to our e-boutique for prices, textures and/or lengths. We currently have 15% off your total purchase by using code ‘MELLYPATRICE' at checkout. Also, check out our Instagram for access to our other exclusive offers and behind the scenes takes. 

#scandalthursday!! Even Olivia Pope tresses stay on point! Try our Luxury Filipino Virgin hair in ‘Natural Straight’ to achieve this look!


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Simply pretty.

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